Welcome to the Microcar Museum of Puerto Rico,

the only Microcar Museum in the Caribbean.

The Museum’s collection is open to the public by appointment only to groups of two people or more. Hours: Saturdays from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Visits for groups with a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 15 people can be scheduled for other days of the week by mutual agreement with the group representative and the Museum. Please contact Fernando Abruña at +1-787-724-0987.

Admission Fee (only via internet)
Adults over 12 years old and (supervised) children under 12:  US$15

Seniors, 65 years and older (with ID):  US$12

Visitors who arrive in a microcar, shorter than 10’ long (shorter than 304.8 centimeters) will earn one free admission on a single occasion, with a prior appointment. No repeats are allowed.

The visit includes a guided tour, the collection catalogue (downloadable through this website) and a list of 50+ Car Hacks. A selection of short films about microcars can also be viewed as part of the visit.

Enjoy a trip to the past when motor vehicles explored unusual, quirky, strange, and sometimes crazy solutions to personal transportation!

The Museum
Microcars and Bubblecars played an important role in the history of modern transportation in Europe, the USA, some Latin American and Asian countries and Australia. These small, fuel efficient, vehicles, many with three wheels, and accommodating two to four passengers, were powered by small engines that ranged between 49cc to 700cc in size.

Our permanent collection of 28 cars from England, France, Italy, Germany, China, Taiwan, Japan, US and even Puerto Rico will definitely wow you! You will learn about and explore classic Bubblecars like the BMW Isetta, the Messerschmitt KR 200 and the Heinkel Kabine, along with other rare microcars like the Cub Commuter and the Bubu 501. The single passenger, Peel P50, featured in Britain’s Ripley’s Believe it or not! Museum occupies a unique place in our collection.

On display you will get to enjoy one of the best book collections on microcars along with era memorabilia and other microcar artifacts. The Microcar Bibliophile Book, and cold non-alcoholic beverages are available for sale at our giftshop.

Along with your visit to Old San Juan, Luquillo Beach and El Yunque Rain Forest, make the Microcar Museum of Puerto Rico one of your top destinations while in the island.

Some of the cars in our collection have been featured in TV comedies and films. Over the years these cars have earned a huge following of fans and enthusiasts throughout the world.

So… make a date, come and visit us, and travel back in time with us to explore this fascinating era of history!5